Community Videos

As we began our search for a new pastor, Lamb of God had to dig deep to really define who we are and where we want to go. We made these videos to share with you our favorite parts of Lamb of God, what Lamb of God means to us. We want to share our worship experience, our missions and ministries, and our stories of fun and fellowship. Watch them all now!

LOG Videos: What Does LOG Mean to You?

What does Lamb of God mean to you? What’s your favorite part? Find out what people are saying about LOG!

LOG Videos: Children’s Ministries

Check out all of the Children’s Ministries at Lamb of God Church. There is so much to offer kids and young families. Watch to learn more.

LOG Videos: Outreach Ministries

Lamb of God Church supports over 60 missions and ministries. Watch to learn more about our Outreach programs.

LOG Videos: Community Life Ministries

There is always something going on at Lamb of God Church. Watch this video to learn more about all the Community Life ministries!

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