Who We Are

Our Faith Statement

We are called by God as a congregation to welcome all people into the community of believers who wish to continue their faith journey with us. We believe that God’s universal reign of love and the power of the Holy Spirit empower disciples of Jesus Christ in a network of close committed relationships. We believe that each of us is on a path of faith which evolves as we experience and learn about God’s magnificent creation.

Our Mission




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What We Believe

Spiritual Growth

Finding new ways to celebrate the divine dwelling within each of us, we challenge each other by encouraging questions, exploring issues and finding new ways to live our faith as compassionate Christians in a changing world. We seek to gain a historical and metaphorical understanding of the Bible and other sacred writings. We walk fully in the path of Jesus without denying the legitimacy of other paths that God may provide for humanity. We understand that we are all on an individual spiritual journey of evolving spiritual growth and are committed to support each other on this journey.


Using our spiritual gifts we challenge ourselves to look for and create opportunities to serve humanity. We strive for justice and peace in this world as modeled by Jesus’ prophetic ministry on earth. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we live the Gospel serving as disciples in order to transform our church, our communities and our world.


Offering a variety of forms of worship, we are thankful for God’s abundant love and spirit which lives in each of us. Through Baptism and Holy Communion we affirm our individual and corporate faith journeys. We offer an open table acknowledging and embracing the diversity of people attending our services. We participate with a community of believers in prayer and celebration to strengthen our commitment to the work of our congregation and Christ’s church at large.

Creation Centered Thinking

We look for and embrace the harmony of religion and science. We strive to live ecologically taking care of not just our planet but seeing ourselves as caregivers for a larger universe as we understand more about creation and join with science in acknowledging creation’s evolutionary power.

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